Why has Coutinho been dropped for GW38?

The Brazilian has been one of the main stars of the current season, and he is one of those players who can be called a real “star”. The problem is that the team needs him, because the opponent is not so strong.
The Portuguese Coutinho is the main player of the team, and the main problem is the fact that he is not able to demonstrate his maximum.
In the current campaign, the Brazilian was the main protagonist of the Portuguese national team, which has won the World Cup and the European Championship.
However, the team has not been able to win gold medals at the same time. The main reason for this is the lack of motivation of the players.
Coutinho has been the main star of the national team for several years now, and this is why the team is not very satisfied with him.

The team needs a new star, and Coutinho can be one of them. However, the club needs to make some changes in the lineup, because now the team doesn’t have such a star.
Who is the new star of Liverpool?
The main problem of the club is that it doesn� ’’ t have such an obvious star. This is why it is so difficult to find a replacement for Coutinho.
Liverpool has a number of players who are able to replace the Portuguese, but the main thing is that they need to be able to show their maximum. This can be done only by the main players of the squad.
This is why Coutinho has to go, and it is also possible that the club will do it in the summer. The transfer of the player can be very profitable for the club, because it will allow to get a number one star. In this case, it will be very difficult to replace Coutinho, because he is the leader of the lineup.
Why does Liverpool need a new leader?
Liverpool is a great club, and its fans are very demanding. The club has a great potential, but it needs to demonstrate it in order to be a real contender for the title.
Now, the main competitor of the Reds is Manchester City. The team has a good lineup, and many players are able not only to score goals, but also to make important passes.
If Liverpool wants to be the main contender for gold medals, then it needs a number 1 star, who will be able not to lose points. The Portuguese Coutheinha is the best example of such a player, because in the current championship he is able to score several goals, and in the future he will be a key player of Liverpool.
You can always follow the development of the game of the Liverpool team on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the results of matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming games.
What are the main goals of the new season of Manchester City?
Now the main goal of Manchester United is to win the Champions League. The previous season, the Red Devils were very close to winning the trophy, but they lost to Liverpool in the final.
Since then, the players of United have been trying to win all the cups they have entered. However they have not been successful, and now they are trying to get gold medals in the next season.
Manchester City has a very good lineup. The players have a lot of experience, and they are able now to show the maximum. The City has also a number 2 star, which is very important for the team.
It is very difficult for the Red devils to replace Messi, who has left the team after the previous season. However it is possible, because there are a number players who have a good chance to replace him. For example, Riyad Mahrez, who was the number 1 in the previous championship.
Will the team of Guardiola win the title?
This season, it is very likely that the City will win the champion title. The Guardiola team has already won the FA Cup, and if it continues to play well in the English Premier League, then the team will be one step ahead of the rivals.
There is a good potential for the City to win, but now the main task of the Red team is to finish in the top 4. This will allow the club to get more money from the EPL.
For this reason, the Guardiola team needs to show a good game in the remaining matches of the season. If it does this, then they will be in a very strong position to win a lot.
How can the Champions league table be affected?
In general, the Champions tournament is very interesting. The teams are not as strong as the main ones of the Old Continent, but many of them have a very bright future.
One of the most interesting games of the tournament is the Champions final, which will take place in the best club arena. This time, the winner will get the right to enter the Champions club.
Of course, the best team will win, because they have the best lineup. However the main factor that will determine the winner is the performance of the teams in the group stage.
Many teams have a difficult time in the first matches, but after that they become more and more confident.
So far, the most difficult group is the first one, where the teams have to play against each other.

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