Transfer rumours – Malcom, Aurier, Neymar and other rumours

This summer, the transfer market was very active. The transfer market is a very interesting and intriguing business, and it’s important to follow the news and not miss anything important.
In the summer, it was also possible to make some important acquisitions, such as the following:
* Neymar;
* Mbappe;
• MbT;
The first two of these players were acquired for a very high price, but the third one is a real gem. The player has already managed to become a key player for the team, and he is already showing himself in the starting lineup.
The transfer of Mbappé has already been mentioned, but there are other transfers that are worth highlighting. The main transfer of the summer is the acquisition of the Brazilian player by Paris Saint-Germain. The price of this acquisition is very high, but it is worth it.

The club bought the player for a price of about €100 million. The signing of the player will be an excellent addition to the lineup of PSG, and the team will be able to fight for the champion title.
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What to expect from the team after the signing of MbT?
The signing of Neymar is a good example of the transfer of a star player. The Brazilian player has managed to establish himself in Paris Saint Germain, and now the club is ready to fight against the main favorites of the Champions League.
Neymar has already made a lot of mistakes, but he is still able to show himself in a positive manner. The club will definitely use the player in the attack, and they will try to get the maximum from the player.
However, the team needs to be careful, because it is still very difficult to win the Champions league. The team will have to use the maximum of the star player, and this is what the club will do.
It is also worth highlighting the transfer that will be really interesting for the fans. The acquisition of Aurier is another good example. The Frenchman will be a good addition to PSG’ lineup, and will help the team to fight in the Champions tournament.
This transfer is a really good choice, because the club needs to strengthen the defense. The previous season, the club was really weak in this area. The players were not able to get into the starting line-up, and PSG was able to win only one trophy.
If the club can get a good defender, then the team can be really dangerous in the tournament. The following players can be considered as potential candidates for the acquisition:
· Diego Perotti;
· “Lionel Messi”.
All the players mentioned are really good players, and can be used in the defense of the team. The cost of the acquisition is about €30 million.
Will PSG be able not to win in the Europa League?
In recent years, the Europa league has become more and more popular. The tournament is very interesting, because there are only a few clubs that are able to take part in it. The competition is very intense, and there are a lot chances for the winner to win a lot.
There are only two teams that are really able to compete with PSG:
1. Chelsea. The Blues have a good lineup, which can be called a real surprise. The squad of the club has already won the Champions cup, and many players have already become leaders of the squad.
2. “Barcelona”, the main favorite of the tournament, which has already had a lot success in the past years. The Catalans have a great lineup, as well as a lot experience in the European arena.
Of course, the current season is very difficult for the Catalans, but they have a lot to do, and if they manage to win their group, then they will be very confident and can win the tournament for sure.
Do not forget that the Europa tournament is not the only important tournament for the club. The Champions league is also very important, because this tournament is the main club tournament of the season.
Many clubs are trying to get to the Champions club, but only a small number of them manage to do it. This is because the tournament is really difficult, and only a very small number can get into a very good club.
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PSG� сould not win the Europa Cup
The current season of the Europa cup is very tough for the Catalan club. In the group stage, the Catalons were really not able, and even in the last match, they were defeated by “Roma” in the first round.
“Barça” was the main competitor of the Catalonians in the group, and managed to get a decent result. The game was really tense, and a lot was at stake for the teams.
Chelsea, “Manchester City” and “Liverpool” were the other teams that were able to enter the group.

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