Why has Coutinho started every PL game this season?

The Portuguese has started every game of the Premier League, which is a great achievement for the player. The reasons for this are:
1. The team is in a good shape. The players are in a very good shape, which allows them to start the game in the best possible way.
2. The coach is always ready to give his players a rest.
3. The squad has a good mix of young and experienced players.
4. The club has a great stadium.
5. The fans are always ready for a good game.
6. The competition is high.
7. The number of matches in the Premier league is increasing.
8. The league table is always changing.
9. The main rivals of Liverpool are Manchester City and Manchester United.
10. The transfer window is open.

Who is the main favourite of the season? Coutinho is one of the main favourites of the current season, because he is the best player in the world. The Portuguese has already managed to become one of Liverpool’s main rivals.
The team has a number of strengths that allow it to fight for the title. The following are the main ones:
* good selection of players;
* strong teamwork;
• good individual skills of the players. This is especially noticeable in the attack.
In the last season, Liverpool managed to fight against Manchester City for the champion title, but in the end the Citizens won. Coutinho and the team have a good chance to do the same this time.

The following factors can help the team to win the title:
· strong lineup;
· high level of individual skills;
· the fact that the team is playing against the main rivals for the first time in a long time.
Will Liverpool win the Champions League?
The Liverpool team has many strong points that can help it to win a place in the elite division. The first of these is the fact the team has the best lineup in the league. The other is the strong teamwork. This has already been mentioned, but the team’ strong individual skills are also very important.
It is the Portuguese who is the most important player in this regard. Coutheinho is a very talented player who can change the game of any team in a split second. He is able to make a pass and make a goal. The player is also able to score himself.
Liverpool is the team that can win the most trophies of the Champions league. This season, the team will have to fight not only against the top teams, but also against the weaker ones. This will be very difficult, because the team doesn’t have a great lineup. This can be seen in the fact, that the Liverpool lineup is not very strong.
However, the club has many good players who can make the difference. The most important of them are:·
· Mohamed Salah;

· Sadio Mane;

· Sadie Errani;
· Andy Robertson;
· Dejan Lovren.
These players are able to change the course of the game. This applies to the Champions tournament as well.
Will the team win the Europa League?
Another important trophy of the club is the Europa league. It is the club’ strongest tournament. The last time the club won it was in the 1990-91 season.
This time the team can win it, because it has a lot of good players. The strongest of them is:
• Salah. The Egyptian player is the leader of the team. He has already won the title of the best goalscorer of the Europa tournament.

• Mane. The Manchester City player is a leader of his team.
Also, the Liverpool team is a good team. The Liverpool team can fight for gold medals in the Europa club tournament. Liverpool has a strong lineup, but it doesn� ’ t have a very strong coach. The German coach is very good at playing with the team, but he doesn”t have the right to make tactical decisions.
Another good thing about the team this season is the transfer of Coutinho. The Brazilian player is able not only to score goals, but to pass them to the team members. This allows the team not to lose points.
If the team wins the Europa cup, it will have a chance to win gold medals at the Champions club tournament, too.
Who will win the EPL this season and who will be the main competitors of Liverpool?
This season, Manchester City is the strongest team in England. The Citizens have a number 1, 2 and 3. They have a lot to prove.
Manchester City is a team that has a very balanced lineup. The lineup is very strong, but there are no stars in it. The only one who can really change the outcome of a game is the Brazilian player, Coutinho, who can score goals.
At the same time, the Citizens have good players in the team who can help them to win. The best of them, in this case, are:
* Pablo Zabaleta;
*. David Silva;
.* Leroy Sane.
They are able not to make mistakes, because they have a high level in their individual skills.

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