Sanchez to City – Why it was a mistake by Arsenal

The Gunners have a busy transfer window, and it is now time to see what the club will do with the players who have already joined.
The first name to come to the fore is Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean has been one of the main stars of the Gunners for several years now. The player has already managed to score a lot of goals, and he is also a good defender.
However, the club has not managed to get the best out of the player. He is not able to make long balls, and the team has to play with him. This is not the best way of getting results.
Another name that is expected to be a part of the team is Eden Hazard. The Belgian is a good player, and his transfer will be a good decision.
It is also worth mentioning the following players:
* Lukaku;
* Bellerin;
• Nacho Monreal;
The transfer of the latter will be very interesting. The Spanish player is a great striker, and now the club is ready to make a move for him.
All the transfers will be interesting, as the Gunner’s main task is to get into the Champions League zone.

The club will have to do its best to do this, and they will need all the players they can get.
Who will be the next name to join the team?
The team is also expected to get a new goalkeeper. The choice of the goalkeeper is very important for the club, as it will be able to save the lives of the players.
Will the team be able, once again, to get results?
Yes, the team will be in a good shape. However, the main thing is to make sure that the players are able to score goals.
This is the main goal of the club. The players will have a lot to do, and this will be reflected in the results of the game.
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Arsenal’ Transfer News
The Arsenal team is very busy in the transfer market. The club has a lot on its plate, and there is a high probability that the team won’t be able not to make some transfers.
One of the most important transfers is the one that will be made by the club’ transfer. The Gunners will get the services of the young player, who is called Bellerín.
He is a young player who is very talented. The Spaniard has already scored a lot, and many people are expecting him to score even more.
Also, the player is able to do a lot in the attack. He can also do a good job as a defender. The team needs a good goalkeeper, and Bellerini will be an excellent choice for the position.
Other players that the Gun club will get are:
1. Lukaku. The Englishman is a player who can score a goal, and Arsenal is ready for him to do so.
2. Granit Xhaka. The young player has a good game, and if the team can get him in the starting lineup, it will help the club a lot.
3. Granite. The German player has been a good addition to the team. He has already shown good results, and a good transfer will help to get even more out of him. The transfer of this player will be really interesting.
4. Bellerins. The Frenchman has already done a good work for the team, and we can expect more from him. He will be one of those players who will be ready to score many goals. The main thing for the Gun team is to be able get into a good position in the tournament table.
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In the current season, the Gun Club is in a really good shape, as they have a good lineup and a great goalkeeper. This will allow the team to get some points in the group stage, and then they will have an excellent chance to win the tournament.
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Team’ Goals in the Second Half of the Season
The current season is not going well for the Arsenal team. The previous one was a lot better, and after that the club was in the Champions.
Now, the players have not been able to get out of their group, and even in the last rounds, they were not able not only to get points, but also to get high scores.

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